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Armatrading, Joan Den Haag, 21.11.1981 CD-R/ FM
Bad Religion Live USA 1994 CD
Blondie Live (Philadelphia 1978 + Dallas 1980) CD
Bowie, David David Live (1974 - Tower/ Philadelphia) CD2
Bowie, David Moonlight Special,II Lp
Bowie, David Ziggy Stardust (Santa Monica 1972) CD Single
Cocker, Joe Live, August 1983 Lp
Coldplay Rotterdam Nov. 2002 CD-R/ FM
Coldplay Live 2003 (> DVD) CD-R
Collins, Phil Hannover, 3.9.94 - 1.Teil MC 90/ FM
Collins, Phil Hannover, 3.9.94 - 2.Teil MC 90/ FM
Cooper, Alice Live USA  1987 CD
Cranberries Little Fruits (16.4.1999 - Hamburg) CD
Crosby, Stills + Nash Remember the good Days (1992) CD
Crow, Sheryl A Scarf is Worth (Newcastle 2003) CD
Crow, Sheryl Let me put my love (Schweden 1999) CD
Cure Live Hamburg Nov. 2002 (NDR 2) DoCD
Deep Purple Smoke on the water  (1970) DoCD
Dire Straits Live in `85 (Stuttgart) DoLp
Fleetwood Mac Live and Alive 1969 CD
Fleetwood Mac Live in Boston (gelbes Vinyl) Lp
Fury in the Slaughterhouse Live in the land of milk and honey CD
Fury in the Slaughterhouse Young & hard (live 1993) CD
Gabriel, Peter Shock the dog 3 Lp
Genesis Live USA, Vol.2 MC
Grand Funk Railroad Live Album CD
Grateful Dead Dark Star (Glastonbury-Festival) Lp
Green Day A day out in Paris (Paris 1998) CD
Led Zeppelin Live Dallas, 1975 CD
Led Zeppelin London April 1971 MC 90/ FM
Lindisfarne Live - The Definitive Edition CD
Live Dawn of culture (1994) CD
Live In america (1995) CD
Live Live & a live CD
Live Rattlesnake - Paradiso 1997 CD
Marillion Childhood Mysteries DoLp
Metallica The Ultimate Rarities (1989/92) CD
Pearl Jam Against (1994) CD
Petty, Tom & the Heartbreak. Live in Oakland (1991) CD
Pink Floyd Hyde Park - 2.7.05 - 4 Tracks CD-R
Pink Floyd Live in Pompeii CD2-R
Pink Floyd Live in Venice 1989 CD2-R
Pink Floyd Live Performances (1971) CD
Pink Floyd Live USA 1977 MC
Pink Floyd Pazzia & Passione DVD
Pink Floyd P.U.L.S.E. DVD2
Pink Floyd Serious intermission DoCD
Pink Floyd Venedig, 15.7.1989 - Concert for Europe CD2-R/ FM
Radiohead Glastonbury 1997 CD
Roxy Music Live 2001 (NDR 2 Mitschnitt) CD
Simply Red Live in Manchester  `96 CD-R/ FM
Soundgarden Live USA ´94; Vol.3 CD
Sting Eppelheim, 27.11.85 DoLp
Stranglers Bremen Feb. 1997 MC 90/ FM

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*** - Mix - NDR 2 - Radiokonzerte 
J. Hendrix - Funkhaus '67/ Police - Essen
E. Clapton + Dire Straits - "Mandela" Concert
V.A. Glastonbury Fayre '72  mit Grateful Dead CD2 + DVD
Waters, Roger Lucca - 12.7.2006 CD-R
Waters, Roger The Progs and Cons of Live Touring CD2
Waters, Roger Wecome to the machine CD
W.I.N.D. Live in the Land of Milk and Honey-2005 CD
Wir sind Helden Live in Hamburg 2003 CD-R/ FM
Yes Live L.A. Siberian Khatru (1974/ 87) CD
Yes The white album (1972/ 75) CD
Yes div. Radio Shows --
Yes Yessong (rem.) CD2
Young, Neil Like a musical ride (1992) CD