"A retrospective box set of the influential krautrock group will be available from 10 May on Groenland Records. The set contains four vinyl LP's; NEU!, NEU! 2, NEU! ‘75 and NEU! ‘86 as well as NEU! ‘72, a previously unreleased 17 minute recording of the group rehearsing, and a 36-page picture book with contributions from Anton Corbijn, Peter Lindbergh and others." -[wire/16.03.2010]


At 6 may 2010 an extraordinarily arranged vinyl box set of the Dusseldorf band NEU! will be issued on groenland records. The influence of this band on music history is immense (Bowie, Radiohead…) with an unequalled cult status. Part of the vinyl box set will be the 1972 live recording "NEU! 72 non-public test". Fucking good music for hardcore fans.

NEU! 72 non-public test


   Maxi single / Groenland Records 2010   


In 1971 Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother produced the sensationel LP NEU! together with sound engineer and co-producer Conny Plank, which was issued on Brain label, distributed by Metronome. In cooperation with their sound engineer the two presented themselves as creative sound artists who made their music popular with extravagant multi - track recordings and Plank - specific sound innovations. The call for live performances followed almost immediately. But this was impossible to handle on stage for the two alone. So they took Eberhard Kranemann as support who had made the first KRAFTWERK sound experiments together with Florian Schneider-Esleben in 1967 (later KRAFTWERK performed live in Forum Leverkusen with Kranemann, Dinger, Rother). But instead of reproducing the studio pieces the Dinger - Rother - Kranemann - trio created a chaotic and wild punky trashy garage sound with a motoric driving groove which can be heard in these recordings of 1972:

1. "6 may '72, Part 1" (7:47)

Klaus Dinger: drums, vocal
Michael Rother: guitar
Eberhard Kranemann: bass

In this recording you can hear what you would want from today's bands but what isn't common anymore: These three guys are rocking like mad, absolutely ruthlessly. There's so much pressure in it, it's steaming, vibrating and pushing forward. Power. Energy. A perfect merging of the three musicians - the freedom to react - complete exhaustion, devotion, wildness, rhythmic intensity. This joy of playing is directly transferred to the listener.

2. "6 may '72, Part 2" (6:10)

Klaus Dinger: drums
Michael Rother: guitar
Eberhard Kranemann: Hawaiian guitar

Here you can well recognize the band's change of rhythm. The three musicians are led by their subjective mood, react to each other, are getting faster, then slower, break open, fall down. The seldomly used Hawaiian guitar sounds crazy: first used as a bass with gliding sounds, then in the solo function partly with tones between the in the European music culture commonly used half tone steps, from easy floating single tones up to chaotic thunderstorm sounds.

3. "6 may '72, Part 3" (2:30)

Klaus Dinger: drums, vocal
Michael Rother: guitar
Eberhard Kranemann: bass

From chaos to order to resolution = presentation of life in an acoustic - symbolic form. The sound as a fleeting unique appearance - like the wave of the river you cannot join twice.
Rule of the moment over duration = NEU! 72 live.


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