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Rockspektakel 1993
Hamburg Rathausmarkt


mit: Joal
(Annette Stangenberg)
Melodic Rock aus Hannover






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Joal // (1989)
Rock That City 3:14
Turn The World Around 4:18
All Or Nothing 3:18
Looking For The Line 4:45
Stand Up 3:25
Queen Of The Night 3:13
Barracuda 3:50
Feels Alright 3:42
We Wanna Dance 3:28
It's Got To Be You 3:05
Don't Miss The Turn 3:47
Same Old Story 4:24
Can't Stop Me 3:38
Total Playing Time - 48:03
Band line-up:
Joal (Lead Vocals)
Tommy Newton, Kai Reuter,
Kai Hansen (Guitars)
Kox, Gero Drneck, Uli Heicher,
Tommy Newton (Bass)
Rudi Kaeding, Philip Candas (Drums)
Charly Huhn (Backing Vocals)

Produced by Tommy Newton
Tommy Hansen + Joal
"Queen Of The Night"
is the cover-version of Heart
Who's Got The Feeling // (1993)
Give Me Back My Music 4:56
I Got This Feeling 5:08
Falling Angel 4:05
Fool 4:28
Who's Gonna Cry 4:04
This Is Love 4:14
Steel City Blues 5:43
Sand And Water 4:20
Changes 5:00
Living In Paradise 4:23
Back On My Feet Again 5:21
Keep Your Dreams Alive 5:20
Total Playing Time - 57:03
Band line-up:
Joal (Lead Vocals)
Billy Liesegang, Andy Malecek,
Kai Reuter (Guitars)
Detlef Goy, Dieter Schnapka (Bass)
Michael Gerlach (Keyboards)
Pascal Krawetz (Piano)
Fritz Randow (Drums)

"Female Melodic Rock vocalist Joal (Annette Stangenberg) from Hannover made a career for herself as a session singer appearing on albums by LETTER X and VICTORY, amongst others. She finally got her big break as a solo artist with a WEA recording contract that resulted in two albums in the late 80s and early 90s. She was assisted in the debut recording by FARGO and VICTORY guitarist Tommy Newton and ex-FARGO drummer Rudi Kaeding alongside keyboard playing producer Tommy Hansen. Bass was in the hands of Ulli Heicher of HESS and Gero Drneck. Helping out on vocals would be Charlie Huhn of VICTORY and TED NUGENT. Also listed as backing vocals is "Robin McIrish", widely believed to to GRAND PRIX and McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP frontman ROBIN McAULEY under a contractual pseudonym.

ELOY (1988) - RA
The 1993 album, 'Who's Got The Feeling', sees the inclusion of former ELOY drummer Fritz Randow, NINA HAGEN guitarist Billy Liesegang, NINA HAGEN herself, BALLANTINEZ, S.A.D.O., FAIR WARNING and LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM guitarist Andy Malecek and GAMMA RAY's Kai Hansen. Bass came courtesy of Dieter Schnapka and Detlef Goy with keyboards supplied by Michael Gerlach.
JOEL also worked with former VIVA and JANE guitarist Kai Reuter. Later sessions found Joel on albums by ROGER DALTREY and GLENN HUGHES."
Vocals on RA - ELOY (1988)

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Joal - s/t
(WEA - 1989 Hannover)